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The Optometric Minute with Dr. Margolies

Optometry minute

Read Diabetic Patients Need An Yearly Eye Exam Video Transcript

Hi, it’s Dr. Margolies with the Optometry Minute. Why do diabetic patients need to have a yearly eye exam? The answer is that diabetes can affect the blood vessels in the back of the eye. If these blood vessels start to leak fluid or bleed, it can lead to loss of vision. Therefore, your doctor will recommend a yearly dilated eye exam to make sure that your diabetes is not affecting your eyes. Thank you very much!

Retinal detachment (2)

Read Retinal Detachment Video Transcript

Hi, it’s Dr. Margolies bringing you another edition of the Optometric Minute. How serious is a retinal detachment? The answer is it’s very serious. A retinal detachment means a portion of your retina has detached from its lining and can lead to serious loss of vision. Some of the signs of the detachment symptoms would be a flashing of lights, curtain or shadows in your vision. And these symptoms just do not go away. If you were to experience any of these symptoms, you should call your eye doctor as soon as possible. Wishing you good eye health. Thank you.

CL fitting

Contact Lens Fitting Video Transcript

Hi, it’s Dr. Margolies with another edition of the Optometric Minute. Why do contact lenses need to be fitted properly? The answer is a contact lens sits on the eye and if it’s not fitted properly can actually harm the eye. A poorly fitting contact lens can cause an eye infection; it can cause abnormal blood vessel growth and even lead to loss of permanent loss of vision. Therefore, it’s very important that new, as well as established contact lens wearers, see their doctor on a regular basis in order to make sure that their contact lenses are not harming their eyes. Thank you.